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About the Regional Educational Laboratory (REL) Southeast

REL Southeast brings together the critical elements for success: a thorough knowledge of the region's education systems and contexts; a history of responding to the needs of state and local educators within the region; deep understanding of the critical issues to be addressed; and extensive expertise in research, analytical technical support, and dissemination. Our strengths include a strong presence in each state served and long-standing working relationships with state and local educators throughout the region.

REL Southeast is located at Florida State University in Tallahassee, Florida, under the direction of Dr. Barbara Foorman, Francis Eppes Professor of Education and Director of the Florida Center for Reading Research. REL Southeast partners with Instructional Research Group (IRG), RMC Research Corporation, and SEDL to conduct the work for our region.

About the Regional Educational Laboratory (REL) Program

The Regional Educational Laboratory Program is a network of ten laboratories that serves the educational needs of designated regions by providing access to high quality, scientifically valid education research through applied research and development projects, studies, and related technical assistance activities.

The ten Regional Educational Laboratories (RELs) serve the educational needs of designated regions, using applied research, development, dissemination, and training and technical assistance to bring the latest and best research and proven practices into school improvement efforts.

In the years since the REL program was first authorized in 1965, the goals set for the regional educational laboratory program have changed from the broad goal of general educational improvement to the establishment of priority areas in the 1985 competition to enhance the impact of laboratories in their regions.

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