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Georgia Charter Schools Research Alliance

The goal of this alliance is to enable members to become better consumers of research—more skilled at discerning rigorous from non-rigorous research, more knowledgeable about how to access, manage, and use data. The alliance is comprised of the state education department staff members, charter school stakeholders, and state charter school association administrators.

Alliance Work

Research Questions
  • What measurable characteristics of charter schools (or groups of characteristics) are associated with superior charter school performance?
  • Are particular characteristics of charter school leaders associated with superior charter school performance?
  • Holding constant teacher characteristics, are teachers in charter schools more likely than traditional public school teachers to switch schools or leave the profession?
  • How do the demographic characteristics, experience, and training of charter school teachers and leaders differ from those in traditional public schools?
  • Holding constant student characteristics and prior performance, what are the effects of teacher qualifications, experience and educational attainment on student achievement?

Geographical Areas Served

Georgia - Dekalb County, Atlanta Public Schools, Greene County, Statewide (virtual)

Member Organizations

Contact Information

Beth Howard-Brown
(803) 936-0750