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Improving Literacy Research Alliance

The Improving Literacy Research Alliance is focused on improving literacy outcomes for all students in K-12 schools across several Southeastern states, with a focus on prevention and early intervention. The alliance is comprised of members from state departments of education, higher education institutions, nonprofit foundations, and local education agencies.

Improving Literacy Research Alliance members participating at an alliance meeting

Improving Literacy Research Alliance Members from Mississippi Participating in a REL Southeast Workshop on the Research-Based Roles of Literacy Coaches.

Alliance Work

Research Questions
Improving Literacy Research Alliance members participating at an alliance meeting
Improving Literacy Research Alliance members participating at an alliance meeting

REL Southeast team and alliance members presenting at the Florida Literacy Coaches Association Symposium.


Research-Based Strategies for English Language Learners

School Leader's Literacy Walkthrough for Grades K-3

Development and Examination of an Alternative School Performance Index in South Carolina

The objective of this project was to create a tool, in the form of a user-friendly checklist, that will support school leaders as they determine which components of literacy and which aspects of instruction they should observe as they conduct walkthroughs during literacy instruction in K-3 classrooms. The tool is intended for school leaders' use in order to:

  • enhance literacy instruction knowledge for both school leaders and K-3 teachers;
  • provide an effective way to communicate with K-3 teachers expectations about literacy instruction;
  • specify consistent language regarding literacy components and instructional strategies; and
  • be the basis of communication and collaboration among school leaders and teachers, which, according to research, can improve student achievement.

Download the School Leader's Literacy Walkthrough Overview

Download the School Leader's Literacy Kindergarten Walkthrough

Download the School Leader's Literacy First Grade Walkthrough

Download the School Leader's Literacy Second Grade Walkthrough

Download the School Leader's Literacy Third Grade Walkthrough

Summer Reading Camp Self-study GuideSummer Reading Camp Self-study Guide

This guide is designed to facilitate self-studies of planning and implementation of state-required summer reading camp programs for grade 3 students who scored at the lowest level on the state reading assessment. It provides a template for data collection and guiding questions for discussion that may improve instruction and increase the number of students meeting the grade-level standard by the end of the summer reading camp.

The guide is composed of a scoring guide and consensus rating form. The scoring guide includes guiding questions and potential sources of evidence. After completion of the scoring guide, a facilitator will guide the self-study team through a consensus rating process to come to agreement on the current status of implementation in the district or school and planning for next steps. The content of the scoring guide is based on eight areas that research indicates are important for summer reading camp implementation: teacher effectiveness and qualifications; student selection and enrollment; instructional time; content and instruction; assessment selection and data use; mentoring and/or paraprofessional use; learning environment; and communication with administration, staff, and parents.

Download a full copy of the tool

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