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School Readiness Research Alliance

The goal of the School Readiness Research Alliance is to build state and local capacity to use data and research to plan, support, and implement initiatives that will promote school readiness. The alliance is comprised of 15 core members, including members from Florida's Office of Early Learning, early learning coalitions, higher education institutions, and non-profit foundations in the State of Florida; the Georgia Department of Early Care and Learning; and the Mississippi Department of Education, Office of Elementary Education and Reading. Efforts of this alliance focus not only on the readiness of children, but also the readiness of families, communities, and early care and education providers to offer successful learning opportunities to young children.

School Readiness Research Alliance members participating at an alliance meeting

First meeting of the REL Southeast School Readiness Research Alliance, April 17, 2014. Picture left to right: Lilli Copp, Noelle Bee, Maggie Stevens, Tara Huls, Shan Goff, Keith Philipson, Laura Bailet, and Dave Lawrence.

Alliance Work

Research Questions
  • What is the likelihood of a provider being classified as a Low-Performing Provider (LPP) in the subsequent year(s) after being classified as a LPP in the prior year?
  • Which provider characteristics moderate the risk of being classified a LPP for two or more consecutive years?
  • Which aspects of improvement plans moderate the risk of being classified a LPP for two or more consecutive years?
  • How can programs best assist parents for preparing preschool students?
  • What practices are currently being used in Florida to assist families with facilitating school readiness?

Geographical Areas Served

Florida, Georgia, Mississippi

Member Organizations

Contact Information

Deborah Mazzeo
(813) 915-0010